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New media offers more opportunities than ever to place stories. Your customers and prospects are already probably talking about your company on email discussion lists, blogs, wikis, social tagging sites and the like. Presto Vivace can show you how to make the most of this new phenomenon.

Presto Vivace was an early adopter of blogging, participating in Global PR Blog Week, the original New Communications Forum, and Bulldog Reporter's PR University. We are a recognized leader in online communications.

Nick Mudge of Government Technology Magazine devoted an entire column to our blog. Chris Dorobek has called Presto Vivace Blog a “CJD-fav blog.” Alice Marshall, founder of Presto Vivace, Inc., has appeared on Federal News Radio to discuss blogs and government contracting.

IT products and services are typically bought by committee. In order to close, you need to reach top management, middle management, technical staff, and end users. Utilizing online media offers your company a way to conduct a continuing dialogue with all stakeholders.

Presto Vivace can show you how to implement blogging guidelines that will empower your employees to evangelize for your company through employee blogs. We can also show you how to use blogs and RSS to build communities around your product or service.