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Blogs: honey bees or hornets?

Blogs can establish your company as a thought leader, they can reinforce your relationship with customers and introduce you to prospects. They can pollinate your business, but they can also sting.

Now, just in time for FOSE, Presto Vivace, Inc. offers an audio conference which will teach you how to increase search engine visibility in a positive way, generate buzz, and drive traffic to your website and show booth.

You will learn:
• How civil servants and the military use search engines and news alerts on key words to stay informed.
• How social media affects search engine visibility and brand awareness.
• How to use a blog post to drive traffic to your corporate website.
• How to identify your online friends (you may not know you even have them) and how to cultivate them.
• How to turn a critic into a friend and how to minimize the influence of your most determined online attackers.
• How blogs can increase the reach of your presentations made to seminars, conferences, trade associations, and user groups.
• How to identify the important email discussion lists in your industry and cultivate them rather than astro-turf them.
Problem solving and online crisis communications:
• Learn to recognize the early signs of an emerging crisis and how to defuse it.
• Learn the common mistakes corporations have made online and how to avoid them. This seminar will show how to build respect online and avoid embarrassment.
Who should attend:
• Corporate Public Relations and Communications Professionals
• Marketing and Sales Representatives
• Business Development and Program Managers
• Developers and Project Managers

Social Media Marketing for Government Contractors
DATE: Friday, February 22, 2008
PLACE: Your telephone or speakerphone
COST: $90 per dial-in site (unlimited attendance per dial-in site)
TO REGISTER: Print this page and mail check to: